Favorite Products: London vs. America

Hello! Moving abroad comes with huge learning curves. You think you plan for everything, then you run out of your favorite Target moisturizer and you freak the ef out! The closest Target is in Boston, Massachusetts, now what? Well, you adapt and overcome. I did some research and headed to Boots to rebuild my skincare regime. Here is what I found.

Botanics SPF face lotion, NIP+FAB gel and eye cream

Photos taken from Boots.com, styled by me.


For years I used the Target brand Up&Up Facial Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15. I loved it! There was no scent, it had SPF, it is lightweight and oil free. Houston is so humid that you don't really need much moisture and I used this year round. However, when my moisturize ran out, I had a momentary panic. How was I going to find something that worked just as well, had SPF and would work well with this new climate. I definitely need the SPF more now as walking is my main form of transportation so my face is out in the sun more often and for longer, I needed something comparable to what I was using in Houston. I found Botanics ALL BRIGHT with hibiscus HYDRATING DAY CREAM WITH SPF 15. It glides on smoothly and doesn't have a sunscreen smell but rather a light floral scent. The 50ml jar has lasted me about 2 months so far and there is still about half left. Great value for the price of £6.99.

This brand can be found in Target stores in the US.


I first tried the brand when I received the GLYCOLIC FIX SERUM in a monthly beauty box. I liked it, I noticed a difference in some fine lines but I wasn't able to wear it during the day because it peeled off and left little stringy things all over my face, so I wasn't able to wear it with make up. When I was looking to replace my finished skin care products I saw the brand at Boots and decided to give something else in the line a try. I grabbed the GLYCOLIC FIX OVERNIGHT PURIFYING GEL and the NO NEELDE FIX EYE.

The overnight gel does the same stringy thing and feels sticky for along time, so I alternate nights when I use it and make sure to do my bedtime routine earlier so my face doesn't stick the pillow.

The eye gel is amazing! It has really helped smooth away those fine lines you get from smiling too much (is there a such thing as too much?). I use it morning and night. It only takes one pump for both eyes. I dab it under my eyes, out to the side and on my brow bone. It doesn't do the stringy thing and creates a great base for my concealer.

Some items from this brand can be found at Target in the US.

My next adventure is to find a hair care product that works for my curly/wavy locks. Wish me luck!

Let me know your favorite self products. I am always in the market!

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