1 Year in London

I am writing this four days late for three reasons. The anniversary slipped to the back of my mind while I was spending time with my aunt, cousin and her adorable son, then setting up my classroom took a lot of brain power and the actual anniversary landed on my 3rd day of teaching.

I struggled with what this post should be, should I write paragraphs about every detail or should I show photos and blurb out some facts. For your sake, and mine, I chose the latter. Enjoy!


1 flat in northwest London.

Transportation (in order of use frequency):






Shops (post coming soon):

Tiger Tiger

Oliver Bonas


Cath Kidston

& Other Stories


TK Maxx

Trips back to America:


European trips:

0 (Krakow next month though!!!!!)




Supply (substitute) teacher

Year 5 teacher



Number of London dogs I have patted:


Number of London cats I have patted:

1 (she had a super on trend haircut)

Number of Friends:

Just the right amount!

Hard lessons learned:

1. The tubes only run 24 hours on Friday and Saturday and only certain tube lines.

2. You must tap in and tap out.

Cute little house in Stradbroke. I love visiting my "in-laws" and taking long walks in the country.

Christ Church in Oxford. They filmed the great hall for Harry Potter in there.

The Mastaba in Hyde Park. It is made of more than 7,000 oil barrels.

This is the Tower of London as seen from the top of a vintage double decker bus driving across Tower Bridge.

This is the Staple Inn. It is one of the oldest buildings in London. It survived the Great Fire of London.

I visited the Harry Potter Studios for Hogwarts in the Snow. It was a magical experience.

A walk to Buckingham Palace when my family came to visit for the wedding. Photo by my lovely sister.

Some friends and I attended a pizza and prosecco night hosted by the Bubble Brothers.

A coffeeshop in a yurt. I met a new friend there to work and socialize.

Train at my local station.

I believe list form with photos was the best way to present this to you. I hope you enjoyed it. If there is anything else you would like to know about my time here, please leave a question in the comments.



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