Favorite Places- Houston

I struggled with what to do with this page. I wanted to share my favorite things about the places I love and the places I visit. I decided Google maps would be a great way to get this information to you, you would be able to get all the information that Google provides and a little tid-bit from me.

Naturally my first travel post will be for Houston,TX. I love this city, not just because it is my home city but because it is a great place to visit. There is so much to eat, see and do. I am sure this won't be my last Houston post so I didn't put everything on the map, I painfully narrowed down to the things I think a first timer should see, eat and do. Open this and add it to your Google maps.

Favorite Places- Houston- Google maps

Light installation at Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern

Though Houston is a fairly young city, we still have history. You can get a tour through the Cisterns, they used to house the water for the city and can hold up to 15 million gallons. Book tickets for this on their website. Try to go when they have an installation, the space experienc is like no other.

There are hidden gems and installations all over the city. I suggest exploring outside the Google map I made, as well. Speak to some locals and get suggestions from them. Houstonians love their city and will happily give you suggestions to help you love it too.

Houston skyline from Raven Tower

From the top of Raven Tower you can see the skyline of Downtown Houston. Go for a drink on their large patio, go to the top of the tower (when its open) for this view and check out a show next door at White Oak Music Hall.

Texas lazy pool Marriott Marquis Houston

Summers get real hot in Houston, especially in August. Find a pool to seek refuge in or get a room at the Marriott Marquis Houston and take a few trips around the Texas shaped lazy river.

James Turrell's "Twilight Epiphany" Skyspace- Rice University Campus

Check out the James Turrell Skyspace at Rice University for the "Twilight Epiphany". Go when the sun is setting to watch the lights change with the sunset.

I hope you have fun in my city. Tell me what your favorite things are, maybe I will add them to my next Houston post.



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