Mariam and Sean at table

Well, it happened. I married the best man on the best day! As you all know I moved to the U.K. to marry a tall Englishman name Sean. We were a little worried that our visa issues would prevent us from having our wedding on Halloween but the wedding Goddess took pity on us and made it so. Which meant we had 6 weeks to plan it. No problem! We already knew who we were going to invite, we wanted a small wedding. Not only because we had a small budget but also because not all of my friends and family would be able to take a trip to the U.K. to attend a wedding on a Tuesday. Fair is fair, amiright?

All wedding guests and wedding party

Having a small guest list and a wedding party that consisted of my sister and his brother allowed us to hold our wedding reception in a smaller venue. The ceremony itself was held in the Town Hall and the reception was at a beautiful Hotel that was about a 15 minute walk from the Town Hall. We didn't walk.

The decorations consisted of flower arrangements with pumpkins as the vases for centerpieces, glitter spiders to add a little Halloween touch and glow in the dark vampire teeth for every guest. My husband's sister bought mylar balloons with wedding and halloween themes and "just married" confetti to sprinkle on our table.

Glitter spider and table confetti

My wonderful mother arranged the floral centerpieces and both mine and my sister's bouquets. She and I took a little mother daughter time and went down to Columbia Road Flower Market to purchase the flowers. I didn't pre-order anything or have someone make them because we were on a budget and I am a DIY girl. I had an idea of the color scheme and what I wanted in the arrangements but I also knew that I may not find everything I wanted, so I needed to be flexible and quick on my feet. I would say we were in and out in under 30 minutes and well under budget. What I was not expecting was purple cabbage making their way into the arrangements but they really seemed to pull all he flowers together.


The cake came from Love Rosie. It was a semi naked, one tier cake topped with pale blush colored roses, dark colored fruits and gold flecks. It was their Winter Spice cake that has a delicious salted caramel drizzle. It was deliciously sweet and appropriate for the season.

The Cake!

Our photographer was Emma from Emma May Weddings, the photos are glorious and we are forever grateful for taking us on last minute.



**All photos in this post taken by Emma**

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